Key of F# - Root ~ Crown, #6, Saturday-Sunday
1 Mystic, Take One .mp3 13m 43s


Key of F - Crown, #11, Sunday
1 Psychic, Take One .mp3 13m


Key of E - Inner Eye, #4, Monday
1 Inventor, Take One .mp3 13m 15sec
2 Inventor, Take Two .mp3 12m 50sec


Key of Eb - Inner Eye ~ Throat, #9, Monday-Tuesday
1 Muse, Take One .mp3 13m


Key of D - Throat, #2, Tuesday
1 Poet, Take One .mp3 9m 55sec
2 Poet, Take Two (with Nikolai on the ney) .mp3 12m 30sec


Key of Db - Throat ~ Heart, #7, Tuesday-Wednesday
1 Singer, Take One .mp3 11m 56s


Key of C - Heart, Tone: 12, Wednesday
1 Gardener, Take One .mp3 14m 35s
2 Gardener, Take Two .mp3 16m 24s


Key of B - Solar Plexus, #5, Thursday
1 Artist, Take One .mp3 10m 55s


Key of Bb - Solar Plexus ~ Sacrum, #10, Thursday-Friday
1 Caregiver, Take One .mp3 13m 45s
2 Caregiver, Take Two .mp3 14m 46s


Key of A - Sacrum, #3, Friday
1 Gypsy, Take One .mp3 6m 45sec


Key of Ab - Sacrum ~ Root, #8, Friday-Saturday
1 Composer, Take One .mp3 12m 42sec


Key of G - Root, #1, Saturday
1 Shaman, Take One .mp3 7m

Welcome to the Sacred Soundboard Auditory Explorations Project

Our goal is to make and share music for meditation, yoga studios, massage therapy, reiki, acupuncture and related practices. You could call this music sonopuncture, but it's more of a collaborative exploration of the concept. Please contact us for more information.

Use this music in your home and/or work space: To Save the mp3 files, right-mouse-click (Ctrl-Click on a Mac) where it says .mp3, found next to each track's title.This music is not available for inclusion in commercial media or sold as a product.

Send us your story: We've received some positive feedback from yoga instructors and massage therapists using these pieces as audio accompaniment during their sessions, that's great to hear about! Please share with us how this music has helped you. You can email, and with your permission we'll start posting some of those stories below.

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